June 2021

Ayman Al Qudwa: Giving advice and guidance on preventive measures

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Al Sharq Newspaper (FRI: 11-06-2021)

Ayman Al Qudwa, General Manager of Falcon Travel for Travel and Tourism, said, “There is no doubt that the travel and tourism sector has differed greatly after the Corona pandemic, as this vital industry required a number of requirements and procedures that the traveler must follow and abide by, indicating that travel and tourism offices are currently responsible for providing a service. Travel advice to familiarize travelers to various destinations and destinations with the requirements to be followed so that they do not face any trouble at the airport of the destination they are traveling to, indicating that one of the first instructions that the traveler must achieve is the Corona “PCR” examination, taking into account the time allowed for this examination and knowing if it is The entity has a quarantine or not, while stressing the importance of obtaining two doses of the vaccine, which has become one of the basic conditions for travel.

Ayman Al Qudwa said, “Travel has become, after Corona, not only a seat on a plane or a hotel room, but rather requirements that must be met, as international airlines do not allow boarding if the traveler does not meet these preventive conditions.” Travel offices provide an advisory service to the traveler and advise them It instructs them on the measures and procedures that must be taken before traveling to prevent you from facing any problem at airports.”

Mr. Ayman Al Qudwa Interview in Al Raya Newspaper (31-05-2021)

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Ayman Al Qudwa: We expect travel to recover during the summer (Al Raya Newspaper 31-05-2021)

Ayman Al Qudwa, General Manager of Falcon Travel, expected that most of the important tourist destinations around the world, especially in Europe and East Asia, will be ready to receive visitors during the summer season, noting that some countries have announced easing restrictions and canceling hotel quarantine for vaccine recipients.
He pointed out that next July will be a turning point in the travel movement, as the proportion of people who receive Corona vaccines will increase all over the world, and countries will work to return their activities to receive tourists, especially in light of the severe economic damage that has befallen these countries as a result of the suspension of tourism.
Al Qudwa praised the efforts of Qatar Airways during the Coronavirus crisis, as the carrier became the first global airline to use the second and latest version of the Honeywell Cabin System to sterilize the cabin with ultraviolet rays, which is positively reflected in the strengthening of sterilization and cleaning procedures on board the airline’s aircraft.
He explained that Qatar Airways has become the first international airline to obtain a 5-star rating in “Auditing the Safety Measures of Covid-19 at the Airline Level” from Skytrax. This comes on the heels of the success of Hamad International Airport as the first airport in the Middle East and Asia to be awarded a 5-star rating for “auditing safety measures for COVID-19 at the airport level.

Al Raya Newspaper, 31-05-2021

Testimonial About Falcon Travel from BNI Royals

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Falcon Travel received a very generous testimonial from none other than Mr. Habeeb K. of BNI Royals:

Testimonial About Falcon Travel from Mr. Habeeb K. of BNI Royals

I hereby thank and appreciate Mr. Ayman Al Qudwa, Manager, Falcon Travels and his exemplary team. This is a testimonial for the great service they are providing.

The expertise and generous support of his team was incredible, and they made the travel arrangements of my family members very easy and seamless amid all the current difficulties and travel restrictions to India.

His team offered assistance in arranging all the legal requirements, filling all the applications and getting all the required approvals. Also, they offered the best discounts, not only for the tickets, but for the PCR tests as well through their partner clinics.

In short, they made the travel very easy and seamless.

Thanks, dear Mr. Ayman and team You guys made it happen. Big salutes!

Habeeb K., BNI Royals
Doha, Qatar

Falcon Travel on the Success Story Podcast

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Falcon Travel was featured on the first episode of the Success Story Podcast

On the 2nd of June 2021, the Success Story Podcast released its first episode where the Manager of Falcon Travel, Mr. Ayman Al Qudwa, was featured as a guest.

Check out the video of the full interview with Mr. Ayman Al Qudwa and podcast host Mr. Tomas Uhliarik.