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Katara Cultural Village


Explore Doha: The Arab Tourism Capital of 2023
Posted by: Edward /1570
Pictured: Katara Cultural Village. Doha has been designated the Arab Tourism Capital for 2023 by the Arab Ministerial Council for Tourism, highlighting Qatar’s prominent role in global tourism. The event took place on Arab Tourism Day, February 25, and was attended by tourism ministers, ambassadors and prominent leaders from the nations that are represented by […]
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Ayman Al Qudwa: Using Smart Solutions to Provide Safe Travel
Posted by: Edward /13970
Ayman Al Qudwa, Manager of Falcon Travel, said, “The beginning of the last quarter of this year witnessed multiple positive developments that effectively contributed to enhancing travel rates, consolidating growth standards and increasing its dynamism, as it is expected to increase between 20 to 22% compared to the second and third quarters of the year. […]
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Ayman Al Qudwa on the state of Travel in September 2021
Posted by: Edward /11290
Ayman Al Qudwa, General Manager of Falcon Travels for Travel and Tourism, said, “The concepts of travel have changed during and after the Corona pandemic, and vaccination and receiving the vaccine have become the main gateway to the sector’s recovery. Which was praised by all international institutions related to the international travel industry, pointing out […]
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Ayman Al Qudwa: BNI Member of the Year 2021
Posted by: Edward /10190
Mr. Ayman Al Qudwa, Manager of Falcon Travel, and a proud Member of BNI, hailed as Member of the Year 2021.
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