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BNI Success Stories – Mr. Ayman Al Qudwa

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Being an Active BNI Member, All these awards for an exemplary Member who’s working tirelessly, is truly a well-deserved treat!
Mr. Ayman Al Qudwa, a well-respected Manager of Falcon Travel, with all those hard works and professionalism, the support and guidance you are giving to your team and to your fellow BNI Members, attending meetings even beyond his duty hours, being everywhere and being available at any time, You showed to us that every thing can be possible if you put your heart into it.
You, truly is, an Inspiration to all of US!
With that being said, we would like to express our heartfelt message of Congratulations for these Achievements, you Truly Deserve!
Moreover, we would like to Thank Mr. Mohamed Shabeeb, Executive Director, BNI Qatar for the undying support and guidance. We couldn’t have make it without your help.

-Falcon Travel Family