Why Azerbaijan Should Be Your Next Destination

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Why Azerbaijan Should Be Your Next Destination

Azerbaijan is a country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia with a rich culture that has developed as a result of many influences. This is reflected in all aspects of Azerbaijan, such as their architecture, food, and arts. In this blog post are just some of the reasons why Azerbaijan should be your next destination.

1. Affordable

Visiting a wonderful country like Azerbaijan does not mean that you will have to empty your wallet, as Azerbaijan is one of the more affordable travel destinations with daily costs of travel rarely exceeding $60 including accommodation, food and drink, admission fees and entertainment.

2. The Azerbaijan eVisa

In order to make traveling to Azerbaijan easier, the eVisa was implemented. No longer is it needed to visit embassies and pay hefty fees. Tourists can apply for the Azerbaijan tourist visa for $20 plus a $3 service fee, all of which takes approximately three business days to process. The ease of getting a visa combined with affordability make good reasons to visit Azerbaijan.

3. Mud Volcanoes

A major number of the world’s mud volcanoes are along the Absheron Peninsula. Mud volcanoes erupt plumes of mud after pockets of subterranean gas build pressure forcing it to the surface. Azerbaijan’s Turaghai and Boyuk Khanizadagh are among the world’s largest at 700 meters (2297 feet). The volcanoes tend to bubble away slowly causing the sides to build up over time.

4. The Locals

The culture in Azerbaijan makes the people open and welcoming, and they give the best hospitality. You will surely have a warm and inviting travel experience in Azerbaijan as you interact with the locals and their culture.

5. Mountain Villages

A variety of historical and cultural villages such as Quba in Azerbaijan’s northeast, as well as Laza, Xinaliq and Buduq communities, are favorite tourist destinations. When visiting Azerbaijan, make sure to visit some of these interesting villages and experience a culture almost entirely lost to time.

6. The Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Fans from all over the world come to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Baku hosted the Grand Prix for the second time in 2017 as the global superstars of Formula One descended on Azerbaijan’s capital. The Baku City Circuit covers 51 laps around the 6 km (3.7 miles) track in the capital’s long straight streets.

7. Azerbaijan Architecture

Any travel plan must involve some sightseeing, and the varied and rich architecture of Azerbaijan will make sure that any traveler will have no shortage of sights to feast their eyes on. From the modern Flame Towers in Baku to medieval palaces and temples dotted here and there, and more.

8. Azerbaijan Tea Culture

Tea is a major element of Azerbaijan culture. The locals perform ancient ceremonies for guests showing warmth, friendliness and excellent hospitality. If you’re invited to someone’s house, hosts serve spiced black tea with a cube of sugar. Traditionally, people dip the sugar in to the drink and take a bit before sipping. According to local lore, the origins date back to medieval times. Rulers were afraid of poison. If the sugar reacted when dipped in tea, they believed someone was trying to kill them.

9. Traditional Carpets

Azerbaijan is known for their traditional carpets, and carpet weaving as a practice in Azerbaijan dates back to antiquity, passing from one generation to the next by word of mouth. Today, Azerbaijan has seven carpet producing regions.

10. Hiking in the Caucasus

The Caucasus marks the boundary of Eastern Europe and Western Asia crossing a handful of countries, even more autonomous republics and five time zones. Within a short distance of Baku, you could be hiking in the Caucasus among steep gorges, ravines and plains stretching far into the distance. The diversity in landscape makes every hike different and gives you the change to explore the vast natural beauty of Azerbaijan.

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