Cloud7 Residence AlUla

Cloud7 Residence Al Ula

Guests can choose a short or a long visit to stay in an affordable lodge whilst exploring the wonders of AlUla – home to heritage sites, date farms and a vibrant community of artisans, adventure guides and genuinely hospitable families.

Present Number of Bedrooms as of January 2024 (date TBC):

  • 275 1 – Bedroom Studio Residences
  • 20 1 – Bedroom VIP Residences
  • 6 1 – Bedroom ADA Residences connected to 1 – Bedroom Suites

Facilities as of 2024 (date TBC):

  • Reception
  • Pool and Pool Deck
  • Cooking Facilities in each Studio
  • Restaurant
  • Sports Bar
  • Multi Court and Recreational Facilities
  • Offices

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