From Al Sharq Newspaper (FRI: 11-06-2021)


Ayman Al Qudwa, General Manager of Falcon Travel for Travel and Tourism, said, “There is no doubt that the travel and tourism sector has differed greatly after the Corona pandemic, as this vital industry required a number of requirements and procedures that the traveler must follow and abide by, indicating that travel and tourism offices are currently responsible for providing a service. Travel advice to familiarize travelers to various destinations and destinations with the requirements to be followed so that they do not face any trouble at the airport of the destination they are traveling to, indicating that one of the first instructions that the traveler must achieve is the Corona “PCR” examination, taking into account the time allowed for this examination and knowing if it is The entity has a quarantine or not, while stressing the importance of obtaining two doses of the vaccine, which has become one of the basic conditions for travel.


Ayman Al Qudwa said, “Travel has become, after Corona, not only a seat on a plane or a hotel room, but rather requirements that must be met, as international airlines do not allow boarding if the traveler does not meet these preventive conditions.” Travel offices provide an advisory service to the traveler and advise them It instructs them on the measures and procedures that must be taken before traveling to prevent you from facing any problem at airports.”