Ayman Al Qudwa, General Manager of Falcon Travel for Travel and Tourism, said, "The travel sector is expected to witness unprecedented growth during the last quarter of this year, as it will grow by 50% compared to the same period last year 2020, indicating that the activity of the travel industry is positively reflected on the operational business." To travel and tourism offices, stressing that Qatar Airways plays a major and active role in supporting the recovery of the tourism and travel sector by launching a number of new destinations and destinations, in addition to resuming flights to many stations in its operational network, praising in this context the great efforts it plays Qatar Airways supports the local and international travel sector by providing this industry with new and modern services, innovation and creativity in providing them.

Ayman Al Qudwa said, "The last quarter of this year will witness a significant growth in the travel sector, especially with its recovery thanks to the tireless efforts of Qatar Airways, which was able to fly to many international destinations to transport millions of travelers and return them to their countries in safety and security during the Corona Covid-19 pandemic, indicating In this context, Qatar Airways is the undisputed leader in the recovery of the global travel sector, indicating that travel and tourism offices are working to provide all equipment and devices with advanced technology to provide five-star services to its customers and provide them with the highest standards of comfort and luxury during their presence in the offices to conduct Reservation.