Ayman Al Qudwa, Manager of Falcon Travel, said, “The beginning of the last quarter of this year witnessed multiple positive developments that effectively contributed to enhancing travel rates, consolidating growth standards and increasing its dynamism, as it is expected to increase between 20 to 22% compared to the second and third quarters of the year. Due to the availability of a number of reasons, the rapid recovery witnessed by the travel and tourism industry is at the fore, which is reflected in the operational work of all service institutions related to tourism and travel. The growth of the travel sector Doha hosts a number of international events and exhibitions, which account for a large share of international participation, in addition to hosting the Arab Football Cup.

Ayman Al Qudwa said, "The rapid recovery of the travel sector came thanks to the implementation of the integrated and qualitative strategy to obtain the Corona Covid-19 vaccine, which was positively reflected on the prosperity of the travel and tourism industry, as well as the appreciated efforts of Qatar Airways, which topped the international airlines in enriching the travel experience through its flight. To many capitals to transport global travelers and return them to their home countries during the pandemic, which has earned them the confidence and credibility of travelers and international airports thanks to their use of innovative and smart technological solutions to provide safe and healthy travel, in addition to offering qualitative initiatives related to the flexibility of reservations and refunding the value of tickets, which reflected positively on the travel sector and the prosperity of operational business for offices travel and tourism.