Fun Places to Visit in South Korea

South Korea is a worthwhile visit for any traveler, with its traditional food, architecture and culture blending seamlessly with the country’s modernity and status as a technological powerhouse on the world stage. Being a developed country with a high-income economy also means that there are many well-maintained and beautiful attractions for tourists to visit, and just as many fun activities to be had.


Millak Waterside Park

Millak Waterside Park combines the oceanfront with public rest and leisure centers. The park boasts gardens, shaded rest centers, and benches, and can accommodate up to 40,000 guests. You can find Millak Waterside Park situated between Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli Beach.

Suyeongman Bay Yachting Center

Also located between Gwangalli and Haeundae beaches, Suyeongman Bay Yachting Center has the proper natural environment for yachting and is the venue of various domestic and international yacht competitions. It has become a popular site for lovers of yachting and ocean sports and is able to anchor over 400 yachts.

Amenities include training facilities for yachting as well as windsurfing and submarines, as well as a large parking lot and commemorative monuments.

Gwangandaegyo Bridge

Busan Gwangandaegyo Bridge is the longest bi-level bridge over the ocean in Korea, stretching over 7.4 kilometers and offering breathtaking views of nearby attractions, including: Oryukdo Island, Hwangnyeongsan Mountain, Gwangalli Beach, Dongbaekseom Island, and Dalmaji Hill. The bridge also showcases a beautiful lighting exhibition at night that changes with the seasons.


Haslla Art World

Haslla Art World is the art museum to see when you visit South Korea. The museum boasts an incredible view of the ocean, as well as being filled with interesting modern art exhibits, a Pinocchio exhibit, and an outdoor sculpture park with sculptures ranging from hidden to gigantic. You also have the choice to stay at the hotel, where you will find that the rooms are also designed to be very artsy.


Goha-Do Observatory

Goha-Do Observatory is an observatory built using 16th century style Korean warships (Panokseon), and is a very popular where you can enjoy the beautiful sea scenery and learn about Mokpo tourism in the exhibition space.

Mokpo Bridge

Built in 2012, Mokpo Bridge connects Mokpo to Goha-Do Island and is one of the most impressive and famous sights if you are visiting Mokpo.

Dancing Sea Fountain

The Dancing Sea Fountain in Mokpo hosts fountain performances from April to November. It is the world’s first and largest floating music fountain that creates a beautiful landscape through the harmony of water, light and music.

Peace Square

Peace Square is a popular spot for people living in Mokpo. You can enjoy the sunset when visiting Peace Square and head out for a peaceful walk or jog while watching the sunset.